How Do WE build The Theraluxe HD?

Built with all heavy-duty components these mattresses are BUILT TO LAST!

From an exceptionally firm yet conforming spring system to the highest quality

foams to the finishing touches with our TheraTufts®, you'll experience luxurious sleep

on a quality mattress you can feel night after night.

QLX Spring System

Achieving and unprecedented level of deep, body-contouring support, this spring system consists of nearly two thousand individually wrapped coils that conform and react to your every curve.

TheraFoam® Support

More durable, higher density foam to provide long-lasting cushioning support and comfort.


        • 50% higher density quilt foams 

        • 2x higher density support foams

HyPurGel™ Foam

A specialized hybrid foam that delivers optimal temperature control and invigorating, pressure-relieving comfort.


Increases stability and reduces body impressions by securing all of the materials together.

Adaptive Fabric

Fabrics are anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating to produce a more comfortable sleeping surface.

          Therability™ Foundation

Exceptional durability with 3x the amount of wood beams to provide an unsurpassed level of stability and support. 

Tested For Maximum Strength

We build The TheraLuxe HD by Therapedic using components that have been tested to heavy duty specifications. The TheraLuxe HD allows for maximum support with  superior comfort life.

Watch The HD Video

Watch the TheraLuxe HD by Therapedic video and learn more about what is inside our heavy duty mattresses.